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4 Steps to an
Accessible Bathroom

Function or Fashion? Big budget or small? Done now or soon? Each of these decisions has an enormous impact on how we approach your inquiry and what solutions we suggest. To simplify things, Accessable Homes has developed a simple and easy to follow process called “4 Steps To An Accessible Bathroom’ to make it easier to choose which step might be the right one for you.

The higher the step, the higher the price. But that next step always comes with a greater scope of work and/or a greater aesthetic appeal. Start the process by reviewing the steps available and choosing one that meets your timeline, price point, and scope of work. From there, we can help you narrow down the specifics for a comprehensive and accurate scope of work to meet your budget.

How could it be any simpler. That’s why Accessable Homes is the leading provider of home adaptation products and services in the Metro Vancouver area.

Grab Bar

Grab bars provide increased safety and support so you can move around freely, stand or sit down confidently in your tub or shower.

Grab Bar

Grab bars provide increased safety and support so you can move around freely, stand or sit down confidently in your tub or shower.

Shower Seat

Shower seats provide a secure area in your tub or shower and minimize the chance of falling. They are meaningful additions for the elderly, those who are mobility impaired, in a wheelchair, and anyone who wishes to have extra support.

Tub Door

A tub door is used in tandem with a tub insert, and is meant to prevent spills and leaks of bathtub water.

Tub Insert

Tub inserts are ideal for those who need to lower the rail of their bathtub, and a perfect solution for seniors who want an easier way to get in and out.

The 4 Steps

Step 1
Bathtub Insert Adaptation

< 1 Day
Project Cost:
$1,250 to $1,750 range
Step 2
Half Shower Adaptation

< 3 Days
Project Cost:
$4,000 to $6,000 range
Step 3
Full Shower Renovation

< 1 Week
Project Cost:
$9,000 to $12,500 range
Step 4
Full Bathroom Renovation

< 3 Weeks
Project Cost:
$17,500 to $30,000 range
Aesthetics & Accessibility

Our 4 Step Process Explained

Step 1: Bathtub Insert Adaptation

This option is an entry level modification ideal for those who need to lower the rail of the bathtub without expensive changes. It’s a cost effective solution for seniors who fear for their safety getting in and out of the tub yet can’t afford, don’t want to spend the money, or simply don’t need to remove the tub in favour of a ‘better’ solution.

We represent several manufacturers who all have different features and benefits. We will not compromise your safety or functionality by only representing one. Insert widths vary from 20” to 28” and the depth of the ‘cut’ ranges from 7.5” to 13”. The type and style of bathtub will also weigh in as a factor in determining which insert(s) can be used.

Step 1 KimmelStep 1 Bath  Step 1 Bath Insert

Step 2: Half Shower Adaptation

This option is almost always selected when a client is no longer able to step over the rail of a bathtub and has decided that a bathtub insert is not suitable. Either roll-in capability or an even lower threshold is required. This adaptation is not the most glamorous choice (see Step 3) but makes a lot of sense when budget is a serious consideration or when it’s anticipated that the changes will not be required for the long term.

With Step 2, the bathtub is completely removed as well as any shower doors. A suitable shower pan (see below) is installed and in most cases, can be virtually level with the bathroom floor. Then, appropriate backing and wall surround is installed where the bathtub once was. Once complete, the shower area can have all the capabilities of a brand new shower area, without the cost and that additional time required. A shower rod/curtain, grab bars, and a handheld shower complete the requirements for a fully accessible shower area.

Step 2 Gregory Step 2 Chair Step 2 Bright

Step 3: Full Shower Renovation

Step 3 has almost as much to do with aesthetics as it does with increased functionality. In this step, we tackle the whole bath/shower area. Many clients want to take the step of adapting and modernizing just that portion of the bathroom and it’s a natural progression. The work can be done without affecting any other area of the room.

First off, it’s an upgrade to Step 2 because the wall surfaces will be consistent and all constructed of the material of your choice be it tile, cultured marble, fibreglass, or acrylic. From an adaptation perspective, Step 3 makes it easier to upgrade and relocate your plumbing fixtures. They may be old or in the wrong position to work best for your needs. With Step 3, the walls are all open so it’s the perfect step to start considering those options.

Step 3 is often chosen by clients who are looking to remain in their home longer, have a little bigger budget, or more time to make the desired changes.

Step 3 McVey Step 3 Shower Grab Bars Step3 Grab Bars

Step 4: Full Bathroom Renovation

Step 4 is our version of the extreme makeover. This step is often chosen by clients who either want to upgrade their bathroom as they age-in-place and want to do a comprehensive job including universal design principles. Or it’s chosen by those who by necessity, need to modify the entire space in order for it to be accessible.

Fortunately these days, changes for functional needs don’t have to be institutional or ugly looking. Accessable has identified and sourced hundreds of products and developed amazing industry leading techniques that look great, provide the necessary functionality, and are reasonably priced.

A complete bathroom renovation takes time and commitment from both parties. In order to ensure it’s done correctly the first time, we will lead you through the process so that it is an orderly transition causing the least amount of disruption to your lives and provide the most attractive and functional space possible.

Step 4 Blue Step 4 Skoog Step 4 Lamont

Our Promise

Regardless of whether you are reaching out to us for information or to provide a simple or complex job, we commit to providing you with our honest and comprehensive experience and skill.  We want all people who interact with our company, staff, and resources to leave feeling that they have been well served.

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