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Renovation Contractor in Surrey Brings the AssiStep Stair Aid to the Community: A Revolution in Stair Mobility Aids

Local company Accessable Home & Property Services is a fully licensed and insured general contractor and installer based in Surrey, BC that specializes in home renovations and accessible home adaptations. Accessable Home helps clients all over the Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver area that are aging-in-place and those that have mobility challenges, with services including building wheelchair ramps, installing bathroom inserts and grab bars, curbless showers, stair aids and stairlifts for seniors, and elevators for homes. They help provide independent living support solutions that are safe, effective, and installed right the first time.

Accessable Home is a certified installer for the AssiStep, an innovative mechanical stair aid for adults, children, and the elderly that has a patented locking mechanism to prevent slips and falls when going up and down the stairs.

The AssiStep Stair Aid has been designed with safety in mind

The Assistep was developed by leading industrial designers and engineers in Norway. Their focus was to create a revolutionary walking aid to enable more people to live independently at home, far into their later years. The AssiStep stair assist was tested rigorously and went through a comprehensive development process both with users and therapists, becoming market ready in 2015. In August 2020, the AssiStep was made available in Canada, and Accessable Home has since become a local partner and certified installer for the Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver area.

Who can use the AssiStep Stair Aid? 

The AssiStep has been recommended by Occupational Therapists to help their clients navigate their stairs safely and effectively. The AssiStep stair aid is made with high quality materials such as anodized aluminum and stainless steel. It features a lightweight and sturdy handrail, and a handle that is compact and foldable. The AssiStep stair assist system is completely mechanical which means it will work even in the event of a power outage. It is the perfect stair walker solution that can be installed on both straight and curved staircases, and can be used by the elderly or those aging-in place, people with restricted or limited walking ability, stroke patients, users of canes, walkers or crutches, children, and more!

How does the AssiStep work?

The assist stair walker is both a supportive and safe solution for ascending and descending the stairs. It safeguards the user from slips and falls along the way. The handle has a locking feature that clicks into place as the user lifts, pushes away and then pushes down the handle to either go up or down the stairs. The ergonomic design of the AssiStep stair assist handle allows for multiple areas a user can grip, to ensure optimal comfort. Users can walk the stairs at their own pace, taking their time with a trusted solution that supports their weight and provides independence while maintaining their mobility, strength and agility.

AssiStep Installation Services in Surrey

For more information on how to get the AssiStep stair assist system installed in your home, please contact us to book a thorough Home Assessment, or call directly at 604-259-9774. You can also learn more on our AssiStep Stair Aid page.