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Meeting or Exceeding Your Expectations

| Owen Barclay |

When contractor is hired, there is usually a couple of main reasons. Time is one. We only have so much time to do all the things that need to be done. The other reason is skill. None of us possess all the skills to do everything, so we’re best to hire those that do!

I’ve found in our business that many of our clients have both the time and the skills to do what needs to be done. So why don’t they and how does that impact our involvement? For many of our clients, they can’t do it anymore. Either their strength has left them or they have some kind of mobility issue. How many times have I had a client say to me ‘I should be doing this’ or ‘My husband used to do all the repairs around the house’. Its true. While the industrial revolution created trade and commerce on a modern scale, ‘Dad’ was always the go-to guy to get things fixed around the house.

That’s led me to realize that it’s so very important to do our jobs in a way that’s going to please our clients. How frustrating is that when you hire someone to do something you know you ‘could’ do, but are disappointed in the way that they do it. Or disappointed in the result. That’s why we spend the time with our clients to clearly understand what their expectations are, and then fulfill them. I remember a friend commenting to me one time that I was lucky because there really wasn’t ANYTHING around the house that I couldn’t fix or build. I told him that I thought he was luckier because he COULDN’T do anything and as a result, was able to more freely enjoy hiring others to do those things.

All companies strive to meet or exceed customer expectations. Our proof is in our client base and knowing how much they appreciate our work.