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Welcome to our new website. We’re really excited about the launch of this work in progress that has taken me more than 4 years to finally finish. Many thanks to Karuna, my web designer, for lighting her ‘fire’ under my backside but more importantly, talking to me the way that I needed to be in order to navigate this project to completion.

This website is important for many reasons. The main one is to allow our story to be told on your own time in your own space. I can only meet with so many people each day and get our message out. So this should help. Its also going to allow our readers to view our galleries and see our work first hand. As we are proud of our work, we’re not concerned about showing you the things we’ve done. Don’t forget though, we aren’t professional photographers, so no critiques on that front please.

Also, we’re now well into the stage of business where people come to us who aren’t even indirectly connected to us. As a result, its important to show our visitors what and why we do what we do. In a business such as ours where people are inviting us into their homes, sometimes, for extended periods of time, its important for them to quickly know who we are.

A website is a living document and could always stand for improvement. If you see something that needs to be changed, please don’t hesitate to tell us. Otherwise, please browse our pages and let us know if something interests you.

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