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ASSISTEPSafe Mobility Stair Walker

The supportive and easy-to-use mobility stair aid complete with sturdy handrail and a compact, foldable handle. The AssiStep has a patented locking mechanism that provides you with the necessary support to prevent sliding, slipping or falling on the stairs. Contact us today to book your consultation!

Confidently Use Your Stairs

The perfect stair walking aid, suitable for those that have limited or restricted mobility and difficulty climbing stairs. Regain your independence and become more active with daily use of your AssiStep mobility stair walker.

AssiStep is used by and perfect for:

  • Independent Living
  • Elderly or those Aging-In-Place
  • Users of canes, walkers, or crutches
  • People with limited walking ability
  • People with bone fractures or who have had recent surgery
  • and more!

“Without the stair aid AssiStep [for] the stairs it wouldn’t work. I struggle with my balance, so having something steady and safe to hold on to is a great help, particularly on the way down.”

“Luckily I can keep living at home – it is very important to me.”

– Edmund, 77 years old

Hear from AssiStep users…

“We contacted the municipal occupational therapist to make accommodations to our house so we could keep living at home. We were able to try a stair lift, but the stair aid AssiStep was so much better for us, so we chose that. Because then we could climb the stairs ourselves!”

– Eldri, 84 years old

What is the AssiStep?

The AssiStep is a supportive and safe stair climbing solution for people with restricted walking function or mobility challenges. It safeguards you while ascending or descending stairs, preventing slips and falls along the way.

It consists of a stainless steel handrail with a safe and sturdy handle with a patented locking mechanism. The AssiStep system functions as a mechanical stair aid, and requires no electricity. The rail system can be mounted both on straight and curved staircases.

This product may be recommended by Occupational Therapists to clients that will benefit from a stair assistant designed to make ascending and descending stairs easier and safer. The targeted users are children, adults, and older adults with reduced mobility who maintain the ability to ascent and descent stairs with assistance. 

How does the AssiStep
work going up the stairs?

Ascending the stairs:

When you go up the staircase, we recommend you hold the lower part of the AssiStep handle, after you have folded out the handle from the handrail. You will want to push the handle forward an arm’s length away from you, with your arms extended, and then take a step. Repeat this process until you climb the entire staircase. Fold the AssiStep handle back against the handrail and lock into place. Note: You can adjust placement of your hands on the handle as it feels comfortable for you to hold.

An elderly man using ASSISTEP to help him walk up the stairs in his home.
An elderly woman using ASSISTEP to easily walk down her stairs in her home, greeted by her smiling husband.

How does the AssiStep
work going down the stairs?

Descending the stairs:

When you go down the staircase, we recommend you hold the upper part of the handle, after you have folded it out from the handrail. While lifting the outer edge of the handle slightly, push the handle away from you and then lock it into place by slightly pushing it down. Once locked, you can take a step down, and repeat the process going down the stairs. Note: You can adjust placement of your hands on the handle as it feels comfortable for you to hold.

“With the stair climbing aid AssiStep I can now walk all by myself. Previously, I would have to wait until the home assistance service came by to get aid. Now I can do it all on my own! And it’s very user friendly.”

– Espen, 35 years old | Suffered a stroke in 2015
A close look at ASSSISTEP safe mobility stair walker installed by Accessable Homes
A front look at use of ASSSISTEP safe mobility stair walker installed by Accessable Homes
A side look at use of ASSSISTEP safe mobility stair walker installed by Accessable Homes

Why the AssiStep is the Right Fit for You

Maintain your health, mobility, and agility by walking the stairs

Safe Solution

Perfect for you or your loved ones to gain your independence back.

No Slips or Falls

Safeguards you while ascending or descending the stairs.


Can support your weight up and down the stairs.

High Quality

High quality stainless steel and anodized aluminum materials.

Locks in Place

Handle easily locks in place with patented locking mechanism.

100% Mechanical

Works even in the event of a power outage.

Curved Stairs

Can be installed on straight or curved staircases.

Walk at own Pace

Take your time up and down the stairs with this trusted solution.

Request a complimentary quote.

Let us show you why we’re so passionate about the AssiStep system!
We provide a thorough Home Assessment so you will know if the AssiStep will be the right fit for you and your family. We provide full installation services of the AssiStep, and are a fully licensed and insured General Contractor.