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Active Aging Resource Fair 2017

| Owen Barclay |


A typical challenge for Seniors and People with Disabilities is safely stepping over the bathtub apron to bathe. In fact, it is the leading cause of over 25,000 bathroom accidents each year because individuals trip or have a loss of balance. Installing a bathtub Walk-Thru Insert is an effective, inexpensive and easy way to reduce the possibility of a serious injury.

The Walk-Thru Inserts fit most bathtubs and match any bathroom design and decor. They are easy to install by a trained installer in less than a day with minimal mess. As a result, the step can be reduced into the tub by a minimum of 7.5″ to a maximum of 15″. The differences will vary depending on the manufacturer and model that meets the client’s needs.

The bathtub has just been converted into a walk-in shower. For those who still enjoy a bath, some models have caps or doors that seal the opening once the bather is in the tub.

Accessable has been successfully installing walk-thru inserts for more than 5 years with great success!! We represent all manufacturers to ensure that each client has the most options available to them.

KIMMEL QUICKTUB – for standard height tubs of 16″ or less and  reduces your  step by 8″. Available with or without a cap and in narrow, wide and xl wide.

CLEANCUT ULTRALOW – perfect for those who need a lower step and have a tub of 18-20″ or higher (if it is a lower tub, the top of the insert will be a little higher than the top of the tub, but makes great handles) This unit allows a reduced step of up to 15″, to a minimum of 2″ from the bottom of the tub.

SAFTEYBATH WALKTHRU – a perfect option for a more narrow insert. It will reduce your step from about 11.5″ – 13.5″. It is available in 3 different sizes and with or without a swing door as well.

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