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Our goal is to deliver solutions that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

Accessable Home & Property Services Ltd. specializes in helping people with mobility issues, typically seniors and persons with disabilities live longer, safer and more comfortable lives in their homes.

We operate on core values which deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry today. 


We Have Been Serving Our Clients Since 2010

Inspiration for our company comes from Ryan Barclay who was diagnosed in 1993 with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a chronic and degenerative disease that claimed his life early in January 2010. Ryan’s Dad Owen, the Founder of Accessable, realized early on that Therapists and clients struggle to find capable building trades people who lack to take into consideration the unique nature of the clients and industry in which they serve.

Although Owen believed that he had a comprehensive understanding of this market, he undertook to become a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist. This unique certification was obtained though a program he took through the National Association of Home Builders. The certification was achieved through a program of courses on working with the disabled, business management and design build solutions specific to this market.

Accessable Home & Property Services delivers results on-time, on-budget, with a smile, and the knowledge that it was done right.

CAPS Main Logo Blue

We work with Seniors, People with Mobility Issues,
and those who have sustained a Traumatic Injury or Health Crisis.

> Involving the OT
(Occupational Therapist)
as a core member of the team.

> Delivering high quality workmanship.

> Ensuring that solutions are not only considered for the present but the future as well.

Our Core Values

> Recognizing that clients require sensitivities that are individual and unique in nature, and need to be respected.

> Applying Universal Design techniques and practices that conform to the BC Building Code and other recognized bodies including Saferhome Society, CSA, ADA and the work of other pioneers who have worked tirelessly to create universal access.

Our Founder

Owen Barclay

Owen’s passion has been customer relationships since he first started his career on the ‘sales desk’ after graduating in Marketing Management from BCIT. Throughout his career, Owen travelled North America working closely with customers by developing relationships. His success came from caring about people.

Perhaps it started when his brother Leonard was diagnosed as being profoundly deaf. Owen was a caring and thoughtful brother. That was his first encounter with a disability. Owen’s vision for a company helping others developed while trying to renovate his own home for his disabled son Ryan. Finding the right kind of companies to do the work was difficult.

The turning point came when his own mother needed grab bars in her bathroom but wasn’t advised who could do the work. After doing the installs, he realized just how many people must be in the same situation. Owen elected to start the new company and help others live longer, safer, and more comfortably in their homes.

Now, as a Certified Aging-In-Place specialist, Owen guides and assists families and individuals on the options and strategies for modifying their homes.

Our Team


Project Coordinator
Ken Accessable Technician





4 Steps to an Accessible Bathroom

“As a person with a disability, we needed renovations in our home to suit me…”

“The biggest challenge being the bathroom. Having had two other bathrooms done in previous years, we were very nervous as they were not done properly for my needs. We put our trust in Accessable. Owen actually listened about my needs and offered a lot of input. They also made the kitchen easier, put laminate floors in and widened doors. All the work was done with the least amount of disruption possible. It was tastefully done and within our budget. Thank you to Accessable.”

– Jane (and Al) Cassidy
Langley, BC